TEDxUniversityofMacedonia 2017: Consciousnet Live Streaming

TEDxUniversityofMacedonia 2017: Consciousnet Live Streaming

On 11 November in the Piraeus Conference Center, innovative, alternative talks, breathtaking performances, creative workshops and a space filled with people passionate about spreading their ideas, pull together a unique net of consciousnesses, “Consciousnet- A world as one”. In case you missed the chance to get a ticket, there is no need to worry. We provided for you, so that you can watch the conference live on YouTube while reading, at the same time, our live commentary on the entire action, through our TEDxUniversityofMacedonia Blog in this article!

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20:15: “Living experience is personal, social, national and it it universal.” – Panagiotis Vasiliou

20:10: Session 3 ends with Xplicit and Panagiotis Vasiliou who get on stage to present “Lyric theatricality”

19:55:  Nikos Papaioannou is the Veterinary School’s Principal of the Laboratory of pathological anatomy of AUTh and he is here to talk about animal welfare.

19:45: “I would like you to close your eyes for 10 seconds and bring your best sexual moment to your mind”. The sexologist, Evi Kirana, gets on the stage!

 I encourage you to leave aside for a while the images your mind creates when you hear the word “addiction”, since they usually rather accentuate the differences instead of the similarities.”- Evi Mavropoulou


20:20: “Living experience is personal, social, national, it is universal.”- Παναγιώτης Βασιλείου

19:25: Evi Mavropoulou picks up the torch and examines a different view of the topic of addiction, addiction to anything or anyone.

19:12: We are back in the live and livestreaming rooms and we are ready for a unique performance by the “Batala Salonica” percussion instruments team!

17:55: Session 2 has ended. Workshops will also be held during this break!

17:50: ”You’ve got such a charming strength”. Nathan Hunter talks to us about procrastination.

17:33: Nathan Hunter is our next speaker! Does bingewatching your favourite series during exams sound familiar to you? If answered yes, then this TEDx talk is definitely the one for you!

Konstantinos Pittas presents us with ” Europe’s Timetable”.

Konstantinos Pittas presents us with ” Europe’s Timetable”.

17:15: Konstantinos Pittas gets on stage and “A World as One” comes into existence! The speaker presents us with some breathtaking images and “Europe’s timetable” as captured by his lens!

16:55: “Failure is part of our nature, every great entrepreneur has failed having succeeded at something”, says Maria Calafatis, who has clearly dragged people’s attention.

16:50: Maria Calafatis makes a powerful entrance! Let’s hear what she has to say on entrepreneurship and if people are born to be entrepreneurs or can develop that skill!

16:46: “We will be asked to coexist with these machines, which will be way more capable than we are, by using them at first, as servants, later on as friends, counselors, friends, and ultimately as those who make all the decisions for us probably because the understand our needs better than we do”, says Ioannis Patras.

16:31: Giorgos Mantzouranidis introduces us to Ioannis Patras, our next speaker in this year’s net of consciousnesses that is about to enter the stage!

16:18: Right now, on TEDxUniversityofMacedonia 2017 stage, seven bodies and one voice join their powers against terrorism. What sort of emotions does the performance arouse for you?

16:08: Session 2 has just began! What follows is an impressive and, at the same time, emotional performance titled “Dancing out the fear”.

15:30: People’s turnout at Q&A powered by Vodafone, as well as at first aid’s workshop of EEFIE was quite impressive!

15:00: The audience has the opportunity to move around the workshop areas!

13:50: Justine LeConte closes Session 1 and the audience is ready to make use of their time and participate in the workshops that will be available!

13:36: “When we, here, decide to buy very cheap clothes, and when we buy quantity instead of quality, the workers there get… neither quantity nor quality.”

13:30: What is “fast fashion” and how does it affect the world around us? Justine LeConte is here to change the way we think of this term!

13:18: Dimitrios Linos gets on stage tο redefine the concept of success and failure through his own experience, the one that led him to Harvard University.

13:12: “214 million of women vainly ask for access to contraception”

13:02: Claire Reading gets on stage to talk about contraception and about the way women in areas with a different culture experience this issue.

13:05: “We are not the cancer of our planet, we are the embryo of our new humanity”

12:53: ‘’If you make your way with blinders, you’re going to hit a wall!’’

12:48: Vasilis Valandreas gets on stage!

12:45: People seem to enjoy the amazing melodies by the Music School of Thessaloniki chorus.

12:40: Our curator, Vasiliki Soultani, welcomes the audience and introduces us to our urban walker host, Giorgos Mantzouranidis!

12:35: Session 1 has just began!

12:30: The audience enters the live and livestreaming rooms as Session 1 is about to begin!

12:00: The Conference Center is overrun with people enjoying their breakfast and meeting other members of the audience as well as speakers!

11:30: Stay tuned by following us on facebooktwitter και instragram!

11:00: Good morning! We welcome you to this year’s TEDxUniversityofMacedonia “Consciousnet” – A world as One! Audience registration has already began! However, do not forget that you can also take part in our net of consciousnesses via this link!

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