Take a risk.

Take a risk.

This is a story about change, risks and leadership.

Let’s assume that we are an invisible spectator in a girl’s life. Her name is Impact. Since Impact was a young school girl, she was exceptional and different. She was kind and sincere, but also strong and persuasive. People often asked her what she wanted to become when she would grow up. She was always a dreamer and a curious soul and every now and then- depending on the age she was-, she had many thoughts and gave many different answers. Maybe she would become a singer or a librarian, a mathematician or a writer.

However, in her late teen years, she chose to follow the biggest of her dreams· the dream to change the world. Now when people ask her what she does for a living, she answers- with a smile- “I am changing the world! I work hard in achieving it by discussing with others, by entering in their hearts and minds in order to make them believe in themselves and change the world with me!”. People giggle back in a peculiar way and then tell her that it’s nice being so busy and they keep walking their own path thinking she is crazy. She understands that they are laughing at her, never holds grudges and walks patiently her own path into reaching her goal and being present everywhere.

One day, an individual, finally asks her a question no one ever did. “Why do you actually do what you do? Everyone is mocking at you, because they think you are crazy!”. With a pure of heart, she takes a breath and starts explaining. “Everyone lives their own life and they don’t necessarily understand what other people have in their minds. Some people will always be there to highlight your weaknesses. It is not their faults that they learned to act that way, but it’s your fault when you don’t do anything about it. You have to stay devoted to what you want to achieve, change and evolve. Not only evolve you, but also those who don’t believe in you. There are so many opportunities out there and I am here to help those people understand that if they used all the energy when they use to judge me and turn it into words of wisdom, love and advice to others, they would change themselves and everything around them! I am everywhere to help them understand that life is too short to not do something that truly matters. I am in the streets, the air, the flower shop in the corner, schools, hospitals, a bird’s nest, a farmer’s field full of tomatoes, ready to influence, ameliorate and inspire.That’s what I want to do with my life, change it all. Change people around me, make them care, make them see clearer and afterwards continue my work. Let’s say that what I do is the start of something mine. I can name it impact, like me, cause every action has an impact to situations that you can not even conceive with your mind. For example, I could just smile to someone who is sad and make them instantly happy. I could offer a flower to an old sir and make him remember the beauty of small things. I could talk to students and make them care about the planet. I could talk to a friend in confusion and lead him out of his comfort zone. I could teach someone how to fish and give him the key to never be hungry again. My action, impact, is nothing but having a strong effect on someone’s life to help them change everything they don’t like”.

The individual was standing steel. Now he knew. Would he do something about it? It was his choice, like its our own choice to influence others and make an impact in education, in medicine, in our family, in our town, in our village. Would he risk it? Would you risk it? Is impact important? I think that a small proof is in the video down below.

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