“Ride” it like you stole it.

“Ride” it like you stole it.

It is a common day of my life. I wake up, wash my face, compelling my mind to get into some sort of function. I start thinking what the rest of the day will be spent on, creatively or maybe not. Running an obligation, doing some workout, meeting this research deadline which is probably soon but I haven’t thought of a decent subject yet, are all things popping up on my mind after the sleep delirium has gone.

But first coffee, right? Or not? Admit it! Before you have a nice, deliciously flavored cup of coffee, before you wish a good day to your roommate next door, sometimes even before you wash up in the morning, first thing you do is, what else (?), checking your cell phone.

The real world might be out there waiting for you to seize an extraordinary day, but as soon as the wi-fi zone is activated you can’t possibly resist delving into this fascinating world of video, music, breathtaking images, career opportunities and countless information.

“What’s wrong with this?”, one asks.

We now live in a fast-growing world, a multitasking one. We read the news while eating our breakfast, shooting pedestrians waiting at a red light, answer our emails during a university lecture, taking a bath listening to the latest song release, released 3 minutes ago. We do these things every single day and there is absolutely no wrong with it. Going back to the time when we had to wait in line for 2 hours to pay a damn bill serves no purpose. Everything that exists in this world, derived from an idea conceived and finally actualized, must have some kind of utility, even the slightest.

But where the utility is found, there should be found a limit too, a red line, which, if we are reckless enough to cross, it is likely that the utility preexisting will turn back like a boomerang and hit us on the head.

The Facebook account I’ve got means to make me social, keep in touch with a friend I met five years ago on a forgotten island, during a forgotten vacation. My Instagram account means quite the same in a more artsy way. The e-mail address under my name means to help me carry out a formal communication within minutes, while my recently created account on an employee-seeking website means to provide me with career prospects.

So, I, as well as you, suppose spend at least five hours a day checking out all the various accounts, overwhelmed by the amount of fresh news and information but also confined to a sedentary life of virtual reality. And I’ve got to ask myself, “Is this really meaningful?”. What if many of us have come to the point of crossing the line, consuming our lives instead of actually living them? What if logging into your personal account every ten minutes of a single hour has grown into a bad habit that you unconsciously yield to as an excuse to avoid coping with life?

Whether this case is a medical one or not I can’t know for sure. I do know one thing though; kicking a habit just by saying or hoping so leads to inevitable failure. A strategy is required to accomplish it and what can be a better one in this case than replacing the habit with a good one. Here’s a recommendation: get a bike!

A close friend once told me, “Riding my bike and travelling with it has changed my life to the fullest. I’ve traveled a hundred miles under the burning sun with a limited amount of water. I’ve gotten lost in the middle of nowhere having no other way to communicate or navigate than trust myself and head towards a possibly right direction. Having experienced all those challenges, and plenty of others, I’ve definitely learned that all achievements require determination and a considerable amount of effort, while I have also visited beautiful natural landscapes which, however astonishing they look on an Instagram page, in real life they’re just magic.”

Have you convinced yet, or not? I myself do not currently use a bike in my everyday life. Maybe the fact is that using the means of public transport suits my needs better these days.

I can not deny though, that when I rest after a busy day sitting on my comfortable couch, watching this new episode I’ve been expecting for so long, scrolling down on Facebook for the latest updates at intervals, once in a while I remember my friend and I get to think, “Should I get a ride? Should I get a life? Eventually.”

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