Mind Carousel

Mind Carousel

Volunteers and organizing committee getting ready for the Carousel pre-event!

Even though November is way too far, the TEDxUniversityofMacedonia student team never stops surprising us. This Saturday, on the 28th of May, you will be able to attend the first pre-event for 2016, named “Carousel”, hosted at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki.

Two days before the event, with the preparation fever high, we met Chatsik Kasapian, the Agenda Manager of TEDxUniversityofMacedonia, and Eleni Thomloudi, the Community and Public Relations Manager. We grasped the opportunity to ask them a few questions related to the “Carousel” project for your enjoyment!

Why did you choose to name the pre-event “Carousel”?

“Traditionally, a carousel is an amusement ride that reminds us of our childhood and brings back sweet and carefree memories. However, another characteristic of the carousel is that it swivels 360 degrees… and that is where our event comes in. On Saturday, the attendees will have the opportunity to watch four different Ted and Tedx talks on the topics of education, rights, technology and motivation in four different halls of our university.  They’ll be swiveling like a carousel, moving from one hall to the other, from one topic to the next. “

What can we expect from the pre-event talks?

“For Saturday evening, we have chosen talks that combine various topics from some of the most engaging speakers around the world. Additionally, all four talks are highly concise, with a duration of only 12 minutes.  In this way, listeners will be exposed to and gain knowledge of different issues of global interest in a very short time. They are going to be challenged, stimulated to think outside of their comfort zone, as well as motivated to share their feelings. As a result, they will be informed of multidisciplinary but interconnected themes from different perspectives and they will be able to reach complete conclusions and come up with innovative resolutions for personal anxieties and worries.”

Is Saturday’s pre-event related to the main TEDxUniversityofMacedonia event planned in November?

“No, the pre-event is not closely related to the main event.  The purpose of this first pre-event is to expand the audience interested in TEDx events in Thessaloniki, mainly targeting the undergraduate and college students. We want to get to know the young people of our town and share with them the TEDx experience and spirit, in an attempt to encourage social dialogue; because ideas, opinions and dreams are worth spreading!”

The finals are about to start in less than a week in most of the departments of Thessaloniki’s universities. Since the talks are not going to be live, many students will think that it is better to stay at home and have a study break by watching the talks online. What makes this Tedx event worth attending?

“It is definitely more comfortable to stay at home and watch some TED talks online. However, there is something that makes a TEDx event special and that is the shared TEDx spirit. More specifically, in this pre-event, the participants will have the opportunity to get to know Thessaloniki’s TEDx community and this year’s volunteers. Furthermore, since the themes are wisely chosen to cover multidisciplinary topics, as stated before, they will be challenged to think outside the box in a very short time. The experience will be completed with a discussion just before the end of the pre-event, in order to exchange ideas.  A mind-blowing, enthralling and productive study break, isn’t it?”

Are there going to be other TedxUniversityofMacedonia pre-events before the main one?

“Yes, we are going to have more for sure! The team is really enthusiastic, full of innovative ideas and eager to work hard, and we are hoping we’ll expand our community even more this Saturday. So stay tuned… to be continued!”

If you want to participate in this event, you only have to complete the needed form. TEDxUniversityofMacedonia hopes to see you there!



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