Have you wondered who are behind the TEDxUniversityofMacedonia blog?

In each of their texts you can see their profiles, but do you know them all? So everyone, TEDx bloggers on one page!

TEDxUniversityofMacedonia 2017  Blog team

Στάθης Παυλίδης 

Student of the Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental studies. Main business, however, is blogging on various websites. At the same time, I declare responsibly passionate about music, cinema and sports. Issues with which I also deal with my articles.

Ιωάννα Παραμανίδου 

Student of Philology, volunteer and amateur. She puts her life at risk everyday wandering on the streets of Thessaloniki with a bicycle and when she is not in an existential crisis she is a little “Eutixis Bletzas”.

 Φώτης Διλμπέρης

Student of Medicine in the city of love and “bougatsa”, a lover of nature and the fluid element. Incompatible and true. I write in a desperate attempt to get to know myself better. I believe that life is the sum of our choices and I look forward to enjoying it with a nice company and a good red wine.

Ειρήνη Καπαράκη

She studies Psychology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and states that she is highly organizational and creative. In her spare time, if you do not find her in a gym, she will be on the beachfront ending listening to Hatzifrageta or Parov Stelar on her playlist. She characterizes herself a party addict and her favorite drink is gin & tonic. Her favorite time is the summer that she passes at the beaches of Chania, where she comes from.

Δήμητρα Ρέτζου

Undecicive until dizzy, future manager, for me one day without music will go awful. If you want me to do you a favor, give me sweet, if you do not give me probably again I will do it . Perfectionist, I love what has to do with London and New York, the cats and the blue of the sea. I will give you good advice, without this, of course, meaning that I apply them. Favorite Quote: “Memento Vivere”.

 Αναστασία Καμινιώτη

Trust your potential pharmacist! If you do not find her in Cautatzoglio  trying to do track and field training, you will definitely find her  writing for fashion and beauty on her blog! The secret of desire is to make many trips, but unfortunately … money makes the world go round!

Αννίτα Νιτσαίδου

Born and raised in Thessaloniki. Victim of caffeine and multi-tasking, she loves film noir and Tarantino. She never reads instructions  and does not leave her home without her headphones. A, she studies English Literature at AUTH.                                                                                                                                    


Μαρκέλλα Ιωαννίδου

She studies Balkanology and in this she owes the high levels of self-knowledge. She loves nature because she grew up there, and from a very young age she fell the need to create, leaving her footprint in what she does. She loves traveling, but what she loves most is the diversity of people.This decorates everything around  us and leads us to new adventures on the way to wise Ithaca.


TEDxUniversityofMacedonia 2016  Blog team

Αγγελική Τσολακίδου, Αθηνά Κυριακού, Αντώνης Μαυρομανώλης, Μάγια Χουλέβα, Μαρία Ψαροδήμου, Στέλλα Καραγιάννη, Στέφανος Μπαχαράκης, Φανή Κραγιοπούλου, Γιώργος-Μιχάλης Παπαδόπουλος (Blog Director)

TEDxUniversityofMacedonia 2015  Blog contributors

Αίγλη Ζησοπούλου, Αντωνία Ζωή Κάυκα, Αλέξανδρος Τσάτσος, Βασιλική Σουλτάνη, Ευάγγελος Ιατρού, Μαριάννα Ασβεστοπούλου, Σωτήρης Σάββας

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