Do we truly use our summer time as we should?

Do we truly use our summer time as we should?


Who are we? A common question which is quite difficult to answer. We are many things, every little thing we do, everything we choose not to, the books we read, the songs we play on repeat, the teams we cheer for, the movies we hate and the films we love. At the end of the day we are our family, our acquaintances and the people we choose to accompany us in our adventures. But what about summer time? Are we doing all the things that compose who we are? Probably not

Because at summer time, we don’t have classes neither work to do, so the temptation to sit down and let ourselves sink in the pillows is naturally irresistable. But when nothing fills our life, our reality tends to become a non-stop series of the same events drowning us in a monotony we thought we needed. Creativity and keen thinking slowly fades away, as we slowly but steadily immerse into the void of our new, temporary existence.

We spent so much time these two months, thinking solely about simple things, instead of continue doing all the stuff that make us who we are. As Brenda Kent said in her poem That Is Not Modesty “Is there harm on being self-centered when our balance is so off?”. Let’s dare to give ourselves some quality time to grow abilities we always wanted to have but never tried to gain, to come a step closer to the person we wanted to be but always pushed away.

So maybe this year apart from gossiping, dancing, drinking and swimming you might want to add some things in the list like: a good book: Don’t get me wrong, internet is great, but hot summer’s afternoons either at home or at the beach pass better with a good book. An interesting read “obligates” your brain to think, learn and imagine. Let yourself get lost and travel in foreign places or explore new subjects, through the pages of your printed companion.


Join summer programs: Apart from fictional travelling you might want to have a go at the real deal. There are many different kinds of summer programs, educational and not, such as summer universities, summer courses and summer camps. All of them provide you a way to travel and at the same time gain knowledge you never thought you needed. On a further note, if you are from Europe then you can take advantage of many different European programmes and discounts. Erasmus youth exchanges, Aegee, interail cards are simple examples of what you can actually discover if you search a little bit.

Daily trips: If your budget can’t afford a big trip or even if your schedule seems to be more hectic than ever, then you might want to consider some daily trips in unexplored places nearby. We often rush and desire to travel aboard, forgetting that even our own neighborhood has so much to offer. It is an economical and nonetheless affective way to have fun and escape your ordinary routine.

camera-514992_960_720Try a new hobby: We all have those things that we always wanted to do but never had time to. Actually, even when we have time we usually prefer to be lazy and just let it go. Excuses like “it’s too late to start” or “I’m not ready yet” or “I’m not good enough” become our best friends, simply because they offer a valid reason to us and others as to why we don’t do things that we declared we’d love to do. But all of these are only the false ideas we create to procrastinate once more. Two months are truly a lot of time, so grab the opportunity to really change yourself to the better.

Learn a new skill: The world is moving without your consent, and that is a fact you have to digest. Programming is firmly becoming a necessity, social media is the king of our daily lives, cloud computing is thriving. So why don’t you go and have a grasp of them. It doesn’t even have to be a skill which willhelp in your career. Try juggling, play the quitar, do lots of different things. As you stay active, you will learn something new for sure.

So I’m not saying to not have fun and relax at your summer time. By all means, you really should. Let’s just try not to sacrifice everything else in the name of fun. We can not take back the time we lost so it would be wise to use it with the caution it requires and avoid wasting a potentially amazing  summer. Balance your time between fun and purpose, and the results will reward you at the end.

The author is responsible for the ideas and thoughts written in this article.

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