Consciousnet – A World as One// TEDxUniversityofMacedonia 2017

Consciousnet – A World as One// TEDxUniversityofMacedonia 2017

TEDxUniversityofMacedonia started its journey at 2013 along with a group of students that “dared” to take the first step and create a new path that engage creativity, supporting fully a brand new TEDx community. This year theme was choosen by this year team, all students at universities of Thessaloniki. Stay tuned and learn more about TEDxUniversityofMacedonia 2017!

Consciousnet – A World as One 

Was there a time in your life when words were not enough? For us, there was!

Trying to identify, what TEDx is, through our eyes, we were among many brilliant ideas. So we chose the one that had never been heard before, the one we created. Consciousnet, bridging ideas.

Consciousnet is a virtue that leaves behind “I” and always preserves “we”. By creating this term, we have attempted to approach the big picture of the world. This, of course, consists of the unique consciousness of each one, creating a network that either separates or unites. TEDxUniversityofMacedonia 2017, aims, through a unique experience, to identify the individual units and highlight them as a whole.

Would you dare to see how your own consciousness determines the great picture of the world?


Our event will take place at 11th November 2017, in the city center of Thessaloniki. At Piraeus Bank Conference Center, Ladadika.

Check our brand new website for more info!



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