10 simple ways for self improvement !

10 simple ways for self improvement !

Thoughts. Advices, negative criticism from society, from our parents, our friends or whoever thinks that knows us better than ourselves. But guys, let’s be honest here. Only you know what’s best for you, that is you know your weaknesses, your deep wants and needs.  If you’re really into starting your self-improvement journey, here are some really good tips to begin with!

Do some self-searching.

Look deep down for the real you, your desires, your childhood memories, all these moments you’ll never forget! What are your feelings? What did all these experiences offer you? How did they transfigure your character? Trust me, you’ll be able to spot the source of your insecurities and then start letting go of them!


Your stuff, your wardrobe, your house, your phone, your life! Oh God! Decluttering is my favorite thing when it comes to self-improvement! Through cleaning and decluttering, you learn how to let go of stuff you don’t need. You give yourself time, you reconsider, you realize that memories shouldn’t be on items, but inside your wonderful soul!

Find something you love, and let it flow into your weekly plan!

Whatever that is, a hobby, sports, chilling with friends, a bubble bath, your personal care. Do it more often!! Show yourself some love, nourish it, and it will give you back a pocketful of energy, self-respect and a better you!

Have your very own Bullet Journal.

Yep, that’s right! Writing down your thoughts, your feelings and your ideas can really help you realize your inner world, track your mental health and evolve, while being creative in your very own way! See it as a way to organize your mind, let go of things and keep in your little notebook all these memories! Personally, it helps me because after I’ve written down my feelings, I can easily find what’s hiding behind them.

Listen to your … breath!

No, seriously listen to it. Find 10 minutes every day to meditate. Just close your eyes, let your thoughts run all over the place and then let go! Take deep breaths… inhale and exhale while in silence and follow your breath, observe how your body reacts to it and how your breathing goes along with your thoughts. There are plenty tips out there for beginners in meditation and mindfulness! It takes some time, but if you’re patient, you’ll eventually get the chance to control your thoughts and discover your inner self!

Hang out with people you love!

As human beings, we interact with each other and all this interaction can help us see through ourselves and find out those tinny details in our behavior that we adore or don’t like. Evolving, is a personal matter, but a little help never hurt anyone! Of course, I’m not talking about letting others change you, or having an opinion on you. I’m referring to making your own observation through the way you interact with the others.

Put your inner peace as a priority.

Many of us cannot realize the importance of our inner peace. Just ask yourself ‘Would I be able to work in a chaotic workspace?’ If not, then why living with a busy mind?

Think positive and Smile!!

Changing your mindset with beautiful and positive thinking can change the way you see life. Once you do that, you’ll start seeing problems as opportunities to learn something new, to become stronger. Remember, life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it!

Travel more!

Meet new places, new cultures, new people! Explore amazing destinations and give yourself time to enjoy the world you live in! People are extraordinary creatures, they always have something to give you, funny stories, life experiences, suggestions for good food! You’ll also spend more time with yourself and probably learn things about you you’d never known! And when you go back home, you’ll feel refreshed and a completely different person!

Recognize and love yourself!

Self acceptance was never an easy thing to do. Especially nowadays, where social media promote all these ‘perfect and balanced’ people, the ‘influencers’, many people can feel that they will never be enough, or even happy. But people, chill. Everyone is different, every single one of us has its own beauty, our flaws and our differences are what make us who we are! We cannot change that so, why not accepting it?

Something I want you to know once you realize you might want to do some self-improvement is that the key to all this procedure, is balance and self love. Don’t try to become someone you’re not. Self improvement doesn’t mean getting fit or change your lifestyle without really wanting it but doing it just because those people on Instagram do it. It means, doing more things for a better you, a better inner self, a better quality of life, an opportunity to live a life the way you want it, and make peace with yourself. Because at the end of the day, it’s just you. Self-improvement is a journey that never ends, we keep doing it through our lives, most of the times without even realizing it, because self-improvement comes with change, and in a world that constantly changes, we change too.

Natalia Dimitriadh

She is a potential agronomist, with love for marketing. I am here in my effort to organize my thoughts and to convey my positive energy! I love chocolate and house music!
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